About Dr. Francis Oramalu

Dr. Francis Oramalu is a compassionate physician with more than 12 years in practice providing high quality medical care to patients of all ages. He opened the Caring Partner Medical Clinic in McKinney, TX in 2016, after more than a decade of successful patient care in Minnesota.

His desire to become a physician was born out of a deep passion to provide for those in need and hurting. His mission is not to just manage their problems but to treat them as unique individuals with an understanding that some diseases result from an interplay between genetic, emotional and environmental factors.

Dr. Oramalu received his medical degree from the University of Nigeria. After graduating from medical school, he completed an internship at Howard University Hospital in Washington, DC and a Family Practice residency at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. Following residency, he worked as a family physician at the Minnesota-based HealthPartners, the largest consumer governed nonprofit health care organization in the nation.

While at HealthPartners, Dr. Oramalu served in many capacities at the Coon Rapids clinic and throughout the organization. He served on the Patient Outcome Committee, which was charged with developing and monitoring quality care measures. These measures were used to inform decisions so that the clinic could improve the quality of care patients received. Dr. Oramalu was also selected to represent Health Partners on Doc Hollywood, a television program featured on Twin Cities Live. Dr. Oramalu appeared in two Doc Hollywood episodes, where he educated viewers on medical conditions selected by the viewers. In his first episode, he discussed strep throat, and in the second episode, he talked about the benefits of aerobic exercise and the symptoms of panic attacks.

While at Health Partners, Dr. Oramalu provided excellent medical care and made it a priority to listen to his patients and take the time needed to provide quality care to everyone he saw. Because of his caring and compassionate approach, he fostered numerous meaningful relationships with patients and their families. When he decided to move his practice to Texas, one of his long-time patients told him, “I will miss your skill, humor and intelligence. … I have to say that among all the doctors I have had in my 66 years, you stand out as my favorite.”

He is a member of the American Board of Family Practice, the American Medical Association and the Nigerian Medical Association.

Dr. Oramalu is married and blessed with three children. He serves in the medical ministry at his church and enjoys learning, spending time with family and friends, working out, golfing, and traveling.